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I’m up for anything, even when the body has other ideas.

That’s why my ears pricked up when I heard about the new ice cream flavor called The Arousal.

Created by the oh-so-appropriately named Lick Me I’m Delicious, which looks to be a custom ice cream creation station, The Arousal is flavored with champagne which, alone, might be enough to get you excited. But it’s not exactly the “active” ingredient.

Each scoop of ice cream contains 25mg of Viagra.

But before you erect a statue to honor the heightened achievement, let’s point out that some of us would rather avoid a sundae of sildenafil citrate. Not because there’s any beef with the whole sweet-to-sexy concept. But because we’d rather avoid lab-manufactured chemicals.

Luckily, the recipe for exciting ice cream is not set in stone.

A British ice cream maker, Yummy Yorkshire, has developed a stimulating new ice cream with cardamom – an aromatic spice and sex supercharger. The horizontal bopping ice cream flavor also has carrot which, presumably, is as much for the taste as it is for the rigid visual.

Yummy Yorkshire’s developed the ice cream with Puckett’s Pickles (!), which makes you wonder if this is the owner’s second or third trimester.

Amazing? They’re not alone!

Another well-named desire dessert-maker The IceCreamists make a flavor called The Sex Bomb. This one’s got all-natural gingko biloba, arginine, and guarana to go with other “secret ingredients for blood flow and energy”. Secret or not, it’s easy to imagine those ingredients are better than a  designed to provide a kick in the pants.

Ice cream can increase sexual appetite. Who knew?

Our friends in Miami, that’s who.

They came up with the Aprodisiac Ice Cream Truck.

Lock your doors and keep the kids inside, Ethel. It’s a hot day and the bells are ringin’.

Remarkable, eh? A frozen sweet goodie can promote a spicy, effective…

Woody of Toy Story drinks beer

What unusual ingredients would you add to ice cream? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

Photo credit: via The Chive; © Fox; © santlove

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