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Live Streaming Event: Interview with Dr. Mindy Howard of Inner Space Training

UPDATE: Goodness gracious! This event suffered the cruel fate of technical difficulties. I will reschedule. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Have you heard about the peak experiences astronauts have in space? Those moments of eye-opening transcendence when universal truths are revealed? Or something even more mindblowing?

I’ve never left earth, but I can imagine how a peak experience resembles, or includes, an epiphany. Maybe several. But I need more information.

What defines a peak experience? Do all astronauts have them? What about space tourists? Are there challenges to achieving them? And how can you boost your odds?

We’ll find out when I interview Dr. Mindy Howard, founder of Inner Space Training.

Mindy Howard of Inner Space Training

She helps new astronauts and space tourists overcome emotional and mental challenges to achieve peak experiences

I wouldn’t be surprised to find you can use her methods here on Earth.

This interview will be rescheduled when Google Hangouts On Air (or otherwise) decides to play nice. I hope that will be soon.



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