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Happy Mother’s Day, Dearest!

Do you cherish your mom? I do. I only have a memory to hold close, but I can still say Mom rules. I think all moms rule, actually. Moms should rule. With moms in power, we’d live in a more sane, just, and compassionate world. Even if No Dessert Until Dinner’s Finished becomes law of the land.

Moms know a thing or two about keeping a family in line. Bless Mom.

Dads? Well, it may be beneficial to keep an eye on them.

In fact, it may be beneficial to keep an eye on what you’re keeping an eye on.

Get this: Observations can impact the world. And you can impact observations.

Here’s my news: My father’s a month away from turning 85 and just went into the hospital with pneumonia, congestive heart failure, arrhythmia, and difficulty breathing. Doctors say it could go either way. When he’s been able to talk, he’s got one thing to say to me.

“Are you coming to my birthday party?”

It’s funny. Because faced with the gravity of his situation, you’d think he’d have other things on his mind. True, you could argue it’s his way of looking forward to something, which helps people survive. But what strikes me is my perspective on it.

Right now, I’m focused on diagnoses, pain management, and course of action. I’m not thinking about his party, a month away. I’m only concerned with the present. And I wonder how, or if, that is affecting his health. I wonder if I’m influencing his medical outcome!

Because quantum physics.

Because the very act of looking at something affects the thing you look at.

Said another way, the simple act of paying attention can make matter behave differently! It can turn particles into waves. It’s true. And it’s wild, amiright?

So, knowing this, can I look at his health situation differently? Should I? If so, how so, ipso facto?

An idea or three:

  • I can join him in focusing my attention on the party. What I’d lose in understanding his medical details, I’d gain in positive forward-thinking. And maybe that’d help get him through.
  • I can let go of any attachment to the outcome. What I’d lose in emotional connection, I’d gain in big picture wisdom. And maybe that’d defuse any fear for me and him.
  • I can act as if nothing’s wrong and find the humor in it all (which he’s expected from me forever). What I’d lose in earnest concern, I’d gain in dependable levity between us. And maybe that gives him the peace of mind to carry on.

Choices, choices. But big ones, when you think about it this way, eh?

We can pay attention with purpose – understanding that our perspective, our intention, our energy can bring about conscious change.

So I’m going to screw my head on a new way and see if I can bring Grandpa Perlmutter home healthy.

If you want to know more about the underlying science behind this phenomena, check out this video. Just look past the amateur animated professor – he’s not worth too much attention!

Let’s look at life a little differently, with the intention of making it work a little differently.


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