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Doubly Whammy! A game-changing product that is already opening eyes provides an experience to help people see differently, with the ultimate goal of getting them to act differently. Glory!

Let’s start with virtual reality (VR to the uninitiated), a technology that is already opening eyes – just about literally – in Health, Entertainment, Education, and more. The list of potential applications keeps growing like a freshly seeded Chia Pet. It gives you a 3-dimensional point-of-view that feels like you’re actually there. You see things in a new way.

Look at things differently

How and what we see is a topic oft-visited. And VR is an eye-opener.

But now we see that VR itself can be used to open minds.

“You never really know someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.” There’s a lot of truth to that. Because there is no one reality. There is your reality, and my reality, and David’s reality after the dentist.


We each experience our own reality. So until I can (at least attempt to) understand where you are coming from – how you see the world – I really have no clue about your perspective.

Along comes Gabo Arora, a filmmaker who runs the UN Virtual Reality Program, to open eyes and engender compassion. Through a VR film, he’s almost literally putting Israelis in the shoes of Palestinians and providing a glimpse into what it’s like on the other side of the wall.

My Mother’s Wing takes viewers inside the lives of a family living in Gaza. Narrated by the family’s matriarch—a 37-year-old former school worker named Om Osama who has lost two sons in the conflict—it’s the fifth piece produced as part of UNVR, and it’s one Arora he hopes will transform VR from a tool of awareness-raising to one of actual change.


“With the other VR films we’ve demonstrated some success with fundraising,” Arora says, “so we wanted to take it to the next level and see if VR can be a tool for peace-building in the world’s most intractable conflict.”

Huzzah! A mindblowing new technology helps people expand their perspective and pave the road towards peace.


This is a terrific twofer of Headspanky goodness. Giving people a cutting edge tool that has the power to change your perspective for humanity’s greatest good? Respect!

Changing hearts and minds aside, Arora’s mission is central to figuring out what virtual reality’s future actually is. It might have been developed for gaming, but ever since the first Oculus developer kit hit the streets filmmakers, medical professionals, artists, and even sports trainers have been finding uses for the technology—and many of them have found that the intimacy that VR engenders gives it the potential to make you understand an unfamiliar person or situation a lot more than a photograph or Facebook.

Source: VR Films Work Great for Charity. What About Changing Minds? | WIRED

It’s challenging to expand your own mind and allow for a greater perspective. Imagine how you can help others to see the world differently. Their reactions just might surprise you.

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